Networking Sensation – Entrepreneurial Fire

Exchanging business cards at conference
Exchanging business cards at conference

I’ve been given the chance here in the last couple of weeks  to network and meet with various entrepreneurs in Houston.

This, to say the least, has given me insight that I previously would not have had back home in my small town of 10,000 people.

I’m going to speak about one specific person, that has lit a fire in my spirit and to go and create a business that is self sustaining, efficient, and producing a lot of good in the community.

I’m going to be talking about Andrew Thompson, founder of ViperTech Mobile Services TX. Right now, Andrew has expanded into another venture, and is booming! Servicing dozens of locations surrounding Houston.

What struck me the most is that Andrew, took risks – a lot of them, and after every risk he emerged VICTORIOUS.

But why?

Quite frankly, the man just told me that he believed in himself enough that he knew he would do whatever it took to get his businesses moving forward. He did stuff that most people would find “uncomfortable”, or “beneath” them – like going door to door, hanging flyers, and just plainly reaching out to people.

But that’s the sort of things we do as entrepreneurs to get the ball rolling – we reach, we spread the message, and the people that need our services will come. Right now Andrew is looking to expand into 20-30 different cities across Texas, and shows no signs of slowing down.

When probed for more information, he simply said, “Just do what it takes.”

With that being said, let’s move onto what I’m doing to get my own ball rolling in Houston. Right now I’ve set up a few educational workshops in various community branches like the local Y to talk about the benefits of saving, investing, and protecting our most lucrative asset.

On top of this I’ve schedule a few Facebook ads targeting soccer moms, and retirees. What I’ve done is set up two different types of campaigns, each giving both groups of prospects different educational workshops lasting 5 weeks. At the end of the five weeks I guide them into a phone call, in which I lay out the ground work to sell them on financial plan that fits their budget and lifestyle.

On top of this I’m also networking extensively on LinkedIn with job transferees that need to rollover their 401k, and networking with business owners that have yet to start health insurance, and retirement plans for their employees.

It’s a lot of work, but it sure is fun! :-)

Which reminds me, what are you doing inside of your business?

Leave me a comment below and we can bounce ideas off of each other!