Why Should I Clean My Home?

A healthy living environment is always important for every family in every household. It is very important that every family keeps their home clean. Dirt and Grime will only cause issues to the interior, exterior, and the health of your family at your home. When mold grows on the exterior of your home it also gets trapped inside the duct work that is inside your home’s attic. Breathing in mold everyday is not good for your families health. Most people also believe that the biggest filtration system in your home is your A/C filters but that is not the case. The biggest filter in your home is the Carpet on your floors. Cleaning the carpets is a much in every home. Carpet Cleaning is the number 1 cleaning you should always have done at your home. League City Carpet Cleaning helped us when we needed out carpet cleaned and they come to all of our rentals properties after every move in and move out.…

Fort Bend Exterior Cleaning Services

Home Pressure Wash Services in Sugar Land Texas

Your home is likely your biggest investment, so lets face it your home deserves to be clean, and needs a good scrubbing every now and then. Daily, your home faces an onslaught of mold, alga, spiders, wasp, and other creepy crawlers trying to make your house their home, leaving an ugly mess on your home exterior. Whether you need driveway and sidewalk cleaning, exterior cleaning, or fence washing, fortbendpowerwashing.org has what you need to make your home shine again.

Driveway and Sidewalk Pressure Wash Sugar Land TX

In the Sugar Land Texas area, most driveways that are black are due to the algae that have grown up over time. Our climate is very wet and humid, ideal for algae growth. Not only does this lower your homes curb appeal, it also could become a safety concern, because over time the algae can become slippery when wet.

Fort Bend Power Wash has commercial grade equipment that cuts right through the Alga growth and grime.
Our process is simple:

  • Treat the surface with eco-friendly detergent
  • Wash the area with our flat surface cleaner and hot water
  • Repeat as necessary

Dirt and grime can collect on a house’s siding or exterior walls, causing an eyesore. Not only does this make your house look ugly, it also damages the exterior paint by eating into it. Most of the mildew and mold growth occurs on the North side of your home because it gets the least amount of sun.

We use a soft wash process in order to not damage your paint, while still killing the mildew and alga that has formed. Our process is safe for brick, stucco, and all types of siding material as well.

Our process is simple:

  • Treat the surface with eco-friendly detergent
  • Wash the area with soft wash
  • Repeat as necessary

Wooden Fence Power Wash in Sugar Land TX

Just like on the exterior of your home your fence can start to grow alga and mildew, so in order to maintain that bright appearance that you want, it needs to be cleaned as well.

We use our soft wash process on all wood fences as to not damage the wood. Using high pressure to wash a fence can damage wood by peeling off layers.

Pool Enclosure Pressure Wash in Sugar Land TX

Most homeowners in the Sugar Land area take care of their pool, to keep the algae growth and dirt in check. While everyone agrees that a pool needs to be clean, you should not neglect your pool enclosure. You might occasionally blow off leaves, but this doesn’t remove the dirt from the screen or eliminate the growth on the aluminum frame.

Instead of washing your pool screen and frame down by hand, using strong chemicals, a brush and garden house, get it done by Fort Bend Power Wash with far better results. We will leave your screened enclosure fresh and clean for you to enjoy.

Vehicles and Equipment Pressure Washing in Sugar Land Texas

Cleaning the exterior of your boat or RV can be time consuming and difficult and dangerous if you have to use a ladder. However, Fort Bend Power Wash has been cleaning vehicles and construction equipment for years in the Sugar Land area. Whether it’s a boat, plane, RV, or construction equipment, Sugar Land TX Pressure Wash can handle the job.


If you are considering any of these pressure washing services in Sugar Land Texas, the pride and attention to detail here at Fort Bend Power Wash can help you brighten and clean your home and property. We always are up front and offer fair market prices.

Our number one focus is to get you the bright, beautiful and clean home you desire. We care about each and every one of our customers and strive to provide the best service possible at affordable prices. We are here to assist you in any way possible to ensure the best possible experience during your service.

If we cant take care of your project you can also call our partners at Pressure Washing League City

We look forward to working with you soon.…

Networking Sensation – Entrepreneurial Fire

Exchanging business cards at conference
Exchanging business cards at conference

I’ve been given the chance here in the last couple of weeks  to network and meet with various entrepreneurs in Houston.

This, to say the least, has given me insight that I previously would not have had back home in my small town of 10,000 people.

I’m going to speak about one specific person, that has lit a fire in my spirit and to go and create a business that is self sustaining, efficient, and producing a lot of good in the community.

I’m going to be talking about Andrew Thompson, founder of ViperTech Mobile Services TX. Right now, Andrew has expanded into another venture, and is booming! Servicing dozens of locations surrounding Houston.

What struck me the most is that Andrew, took risks – a lot of them, and after every risk he emerged VICTORIOUS.

But why?

Quite frankly, the man just told me that he believed in himself enough that he knew he would do whatever it took to get his businesses moving forward. He did stuff that most people would find “uncomfortable”, or “beneath” them – like going door to door, hanging flyers, and just plainly reaching out to people.

But that’s the sort of things we do as entrepreneurs to get the ball rolling – we reach, we spread the message, and the people that need our services will come. Right now Andrew is looking to expand into 20-30 different cities across Texas, and shows no signs of slowing down.

When probed for more information, he simply said, “Just do what it takes.”

With that being said, let’s move onto what I’m doing to get my own ball rolling in Houston. Right now I’ve set up a few educational workshops in various community branches like the local Y to talk about the benefits of saving, investing, and protecting our most lucrative asset.

On top of this I’ve schedule a few Facebook ads targeting soccer moms, and retirees. What I’ve done is set up two different types of campaigns, each giving both groups of prospects different educational workshops lasting 5 weeks. At the end of the five weeks I guide them into a phone call, in which I lay out the ground work to sell them on financial plan that fits their budget and lifestyle.

On top of this I’m also networking extensively on LinkedIn with job transferees that need to rollover their 401k, and networking with business owners that have yet to start health insurance, and retirement plans for their employees.

It’s a lot of work, but it sure is fun! :-)

Which reminds me, what are you doing inside of your business?

Leave me a comment below and we can bounce ideas off of each other!


Simple Secrets to Increase Productivity

I’m going to be sharing simple habits that poets, composers, scientists, artists, and other people with highly successful lives have done.

Thinking about it, what is the secret to succeeding professionally? How do dreams come true? Can you reach being relaxed?

The methods are different, there are thousands, but the constant work with subtle breaks seem to be the perfect formula to be productive and not die to try.

But it’s not about being an inveterate workaholic but also set aside time for activities related to the pleasure and enjoyment activities. It is that not everything in life is work, a nap, a simple walk and even play a sport are the essential ingredients to make the best of one at a time to realize our dreams.

At least, that’s what they did, for example, Beethoven, Ingmar Bergman and Franz Kafka to connect with their creative potential.

Of course, times have changed. But there is evidence that works stress and fatigue do not serve the time to be efficient and to achieve the ambitious goals that one sets when you are convinced that you have talent, skills, and confidence that our work will contribute.

However, there is widespread prejudice think that a person who strives or “suffering” is working. Conversely, when someone does not suffer from stress, it is calm and happy is said to be weak, which is not interested in working or not committed.

But, being productive requires more balance in our lives, according to Isabel Binelli deBusiness Coaching Chile.

“We need to work in the area of ​​family, work, hobbies, friends, education, spirituality, and food are in harmony to make us happier, more productive, the ideas flow and can be more creative,” he explains.

It adds that it also needs to have a positive attitude to face the day today and says the expert, it is important to understand that we have no problems, but challenges.

Now, let’s get back to the point, according to experience, Isabel Binelli adds another variable that claims to be crucial, support. Have you ever wondered how many times we have initiated a process and on the way we leave? How many times we have felt alone?

“Methodical Being, constants, follow the plan, share our concerns, recognizing that we need others, ask for help, we do not guarantee 100% that we will reach the end, but if it allows us to be aware that we gave or did everything we could to achieve our goal, “he advises.

Let’s take a look at an example video: “Brain Hacks” to Improve Productivity… Say what!?


Historical formulas

Writers, actors, composers and opinion leaders in the world have followed their strategies to meet their dreams and be productive at your business. While cases are historical it is proven to work, just for fame and success, they have achieved.

“Times are different, but the amount of time is equal for all, the days are 24 hours. The key is to learn to manage time, identify our activities, whether they are important and urgent, and then to focus on the tasks that lead us to achieve our objectives, “says Isabel Binelli.

For what they did, and celebrities do, here is a list of the methods that some outstanding historical figures have used and can give clues to create a personal version to be productive, both at work and to achieve personal dreams.

1. Ludwig van Beethoven and Ingmar Bergman (composer and filmmaker): Wake up at 8.00 am, get up and work until noon, then take time for a long lunch, a walk or a short nap.

2. Benjamin Franklin (political and inventor): Your secret was to write a summary of the day in the evening. What did I do well today? But another character as a US intelligence officer Steve Rotkoff towards the upside, detailing his frustrations. The aim of both was to prioritize objectives and establish a clear roadmap for the next day.

3. Paul McCartney and The Beatles (musicians): They worked their limitations and achieved the “10,000-hour rule” for success. The test, as detailed in the book of Malcolm Gladwell, “Outliers”, worked more than 300 times a year for 4, in the same concert hall in Germany without stopping. Even Paul McCartney created a unique guitar to become the best.

4. Barack Obama (US President): It is said that his secret has been to eliminate unnecessary decisions such as what to eat and what clothes to dress. He also created a format to make clear decisions, classifying them as “agree”, “disagree,”we will discuss.”

5. Franz Kafka, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin and Richard Strauss (writer, researcher, and composer): They share the leave tomorrow to work hard and afternoon were devoted to getting some exercise.

6. Jerry Seinfeld (comedian): Developed his productivity method that bears his name. For him, the key is repetition to improve without breaking the chain.

7. Maya Angelou (writer, activist and American filmmaker DD.HH) parted their workplaces and home. The dedicated work has no more restrictions. He won a Pulitzer Prize, the Tony Award, three Grammy and many other distinctions.

8. Albert Einstein (physicomathematical) child failed some subjects for his dyslexia. He used big games imagination, meditation, walking and challenge the intellect, that which says that everything is known, to come up with their findings.…